Building Powerful Business Solutions on a Budget

Posted by Justin Hesser on September 23, 2012

Thank you for attending our web seminar today on Building a Powerful Business Solution on a Budget. During our seminar I presented a case study of how we developed a commissions processing system using a high return on investment (ROI) development process. We began by writing a problem statement and then designing the data model and writing the system features. We then implemented the database embracing Anchor-Buoy, layout standardization and reusable scripts. Finally, we used the new FileMaker 12 themes and design tools to produce consistent, user-friendly layouts. I hope that we demonstrated that you can turn out a powerful business solution at a very reasonable cost using FileMaker 12. I have uploaded my slides in PDF format for your review. I did not include the ER diagram as we considered this information proprietary. For people wanting to learn more about the column-based planning system for designing balanced, consistent layouts, please see my FMAcademy presentation FileMaker 12 Layout Mode Enhancements. Many people asked for information on the Anchor-Buoy relationship graph method used. I have uploaded a sample file that shows how the relationship graph was created. Please download the file Anchor-Buoy.fmp12 to see an explanation. Several other resources are available: Filemaker TechNet has a white paper on relationship graphing techniques: FileMaker TechNet Article Also Kevin Frank has a website with several articles: Kevin Franks web site Thanks for attending and contact me if you have questions: John Mathewson
Anchor-Buoy.fmp12 showing how A-B navigation works.
Webinar slides in PDF format