Empowering an in-house creative team with creative management software

Posted by Justin Hesser on August 8, 2012

While many companies may find that similar leadership tactics can be used across the board for most of their departments, this may not be the case for those that have or are developing their own in-house creative teams. These unique departments can be an incredible tool for improving a company's quality of work if supported correctly.

According to Inc. Magazine, many companies will keep creative work in-house – rather than outsourcing it – because their pace of work is too quick for the meetings and presentations that are involved when working with third-party advertising and marketing agencies. For companies that work at a fast clip, using creative management software can help creative workers stay organized.

In addition, by keeping creative work in-house, companies are better able to marry advertising and marketing efforts with website data. By doing so, employees will be able to produce more effective website designs and advertisements that increase ROI. In contrast, many third-party agencies may only be able to perform one or the other – either providing analytical services or creative work.

According to Forbes, when leading a creative team, managers should offer direction but allow space for creative thinking. In addition, it's important for managers to reward and encourage the emotional investment a creative team may put into their work. These individuals are often less concerned with monetary awards than producing excellent products, so supporting them through strong leadership and quality creative management software is important.