Employee engagement and high-quality CRM software can be key to customer satisfaction

Posted by Justin Hesser on August 9, 2012

Recent research has pointed toward employee engagement as a critical means of ensuring a solid bottom line for companies. But, according to Forbes Magazine, some research has shown that not only does a more engaged workforce contribute to better revenue, it also increases customer satisfaction – something that can be aided with the use of customized customer relationship manager (CRM) software.

The source says that companies that have more engaged employees create happier customers which, in turn, generates a higher profit. In fact, according to a Hay Group study, companies with a highly engaged workforce generated revenues that were two and a half times larger than those with lower levels of engagement.

But, fostering a more engaged workforce takes time, and may not produce immediate results. For businesses that need to quickly improve customer interactions, investing in high-quality CRM software can help employees who have direct contact with clients communicate more effectively in-house and access key data with more efficiency.

Some of the benefits that come from updated CRM software include the ability to maintain more accurate feedback channels with customers and track incoming and outgoing clients – data which reinforces advice from Entrepreneur Magazine on how to increase customer loyalty.

In addition to maintaining and learning from open customer feedback channels with custom database software or updated CRM software, companies can set up and oversee loyalty programs and accounts. This is, of course, more relevant to companies that provide a subscription program.

CRM software built by FileMaker developers can track a customer’s spending history to aid in the setup of these loyalty programs, which provide deals or benefits for the customers who regularly spend a certain amount.