Analytics may prove critical to digital advertising

Posted by Justin Hesser on August 3, 2012

In today’s online market, maintaining an excellent digital advertising campaign can be crucial. But, if companies aren’t keeping track of critical analytical figures – budgeting, advertising space and search engine optimization (SEO) data – then there’s no way to truly tell how well they’re doing.

For example, according to BIA/Kelsey’s Media Ad View reports, the Dallas area can expect to see a spike in video display advertisement spending. In fact, the analytics say this media spending is projected to nearly triple by 2016.

“Dallas businesses are still spending money on traditional media, but they are allocating an increasingly higher percentage of their advertising budgets to digital media,” said Mark Fratrik, vice president and chief economist of the consultancy.

While Dallas may only be an example, it’s clear that budgets and media buying is just one of many statistics that companies need to keep track. Doing so with custom database software, such as FileMaker, can help ensure their efforts are creating a positive return on investment.

But, Entrepreneur Magazine recommends that companies ignore a few analytical numbers in the burgeoning field of SEO.

According to Entrepreneur, companies may want to ignore where they place in the top 30 of Google search rankings and look closely at top 10 rankings. This is because many individuals hardly ever go past the first page in a Google search.

In addition, rather than tracking the unique views a website sees, a company should focus on the conversion rates from website viewer to customer. This statistic will paint the real picture of how effective a marketing campaign or website is.

Being able to maintain these statistics is crucial in gauging a company’s performance and impact on target audiences. In order to keep an accurate account of analytics, companies may want to invest in custom database software that can hold this necessary data.