Research, goals and confidence are integral for a productive sales team

Posted by Justin Hesser on July 11, 2012

Regardless of how well a product is made or how applicable it is to problems that consumers or businesses may face on a daily basis, if a sales representative can’t move it, then that business will not stay afloat. In order for managers to increase the effectiveness of their sales teams – no matter how big it may be – they may want to not only invest in a custom database software to help share necessary information and leads, but also adhere to a few sales tips from Inc. Magazine.

In order for sales reps to get the most out of their meetings, they must conduct thorough research on exactly who they are meeting with. By understanding that company or individual well enough, they are able to sell the product as a solution to what they need, and greatly improve their chances of making a sale.

It can also be very helpful if companies use custom databases to store this research and share it among other sales representatives that may be in contact with the client. Many sales teams rely on popular products such as FileMaker Pro and web-based software

Furthermore, goals are an increasingly important part of selling products. Representatives shouldn’t just have goals for each individual meeting with a client – they should know exactly why they are at the meeting and what they hope to get out of it – but also sales goals for each month. Tracking and managing these goals and employees’ progress can be performed with database software, which offers employees visibility on how well they are progressing in their development and productivity.

But, the most important part of creating a successful sales team is confidence. According to Inc., any sales rep can memorize scripts and do the best research on clients, but if they don’t have the confidence to really sell the product, the customer isn’t going to bite.