Using database software as a means to maintain happy customers and employees

Posted by Justin Hesser on June 7, 2012

Customer satisfaction should be at the head of every business’ priority list. But, oftentimes, most companies don’t exactly have the means to judge whether their customers are truly satisfied or not. One way to combat this is by using a custom database software to store customer complaints or suggestions, and also maintain customer information that will allow them to cater towards each customer differently. In fact, FastCompany states that being able to not only maintain customer happiness, but also employee satisfaction is incredibly important.

According to the source, companies should take the time to remind customers on certain “housecleaning” issues. For example, informing a customer when a warranty or guarantee period is about to expire, warning them before renewing a subscription of charging them for an extended service agreement. Or on the other hand, informing customers when they’re eligible for a free upgrade or benefit. All of this data can be tracked using a custom database software

Furthermore, this technology can help track employee benefits as many experts consider keeping talent happy just as important as keeping customers happy. By letting workers know when they’re eligible for paid time off or a commission on a certain sale can help increase morale and confidence. In addition, when these perks are aligned with customer satisfaction goals, both parties benefit.

In addition, being able to track customer analytics is hugely important for all businesses, especially those attempting to enhance customer satisfaction. If companies don’t know what their customers want, how can they give it to them? A custom database software much like FileMaker can help businesses differentiate certain customers by their needs and not just by their overall business value, allowing the company to adjust how it services each customer to benefit them the most.