Small business owners should use big data for bigger decisions

Posted by Justin Hesser on June 25, 2012

When it comes to running a small business, numbers can play a huge part in the success and failure of the company. This isn't just true for sales and budget meetings, but also for making decisions. In fact, according to a June 21 article from Inc. Magazine, the biggest trend in running a business is using data as a means to base decisions off of rather than just hunches and instincts.

And, oftentimes, the best way to farm and analyze corporate data is through the use of a custom database software that can effectively maintain the large amounts of information that owners will need to access.

"And the data is out there," writes Langely Steinert for Inc. who is also the founder and CEO of CarGurus and TripAdvisor. "Whatever the industry, you can track down numbers to give you direction. In the online arena especially, there is a constant flow of traffic and information that leads to cold, hard facts."

Steinert recommends that companies collect as much data as they can and as early as they can if they're relatively new. These statistics, regardless of whether they're Google Analytics tracking blog and page views or retweet counts from the company's Twitter handles, will allow decision makers to make clear judgements based on facts and numbers – unbiased opinions regardless of where they come from.

While using hard data as a means to make important decisions, companies will also need to use a custom database software that can handle this much information. By consulting with FileMaker developers, companies can ensure that they will not only have a database that can fit their needs, but will also be able to be effectively integrated throughout the company's practices, making for greater clarity across departments on what the numbers are and where they're coming from.