Productivity, training and tracking helps keep creative juices flowing

Posted by Justin Hesser on June 12, 2012

Expanding a company can be a time consuming task. Between training new hires and integrating them into the workflow, managers may not be able to maintain required productivity levels – especially in fast-paced industries much like advertising and marketing. To quelm these necessary conflicts, firms may want to invest in a custom database software that can aid in training new hires as well as maintaining productivity within the rest of the company, especially as many firms plan to expand.

According to a survey by the Creative Group – an advertising and media staffing agency – 15 percent of marketing and advertising executives plan to add full-time staff within the next three months. But, while only 4 percent plan on reducing staff, this makes the net percentage of hiring managers at 11. This statistic is one point up from the group's second-quarter forecast.

According to the survey, social media, account services and web design/production are the areas that are in the highest demand. All of which are positions that may rely heavily on software like FileMaker that can allow them to track analytics, account statistics and necessary information as well as post projects.

"Investments in online projects and, in particular, social media initiatives continue to grow," said Donna Farrugia, the executive director of The Creative Group. "Hiring managers at organizations of all sizes and in every industry seek professionals who can help develop and execute digital campaigns, and cultivate online communities. Agencies also are looking for account services professionals to help manage new and existing client relationships, as well as identify opportunities for growth."

While many positions within the advertising industry require communication across all departments, the use of a custom database software may alleviate the conflicts that can come with new hires who are still learning any given firm's mode of operating. This is done by providing an easy and efficient way to post project results and manage tasks and projects.