Productivity tips that can work for all businesses

Posted by Justin Hesser on June 26, 2012

In order for companies to operate efficiently and productively, communication across departments and among many different co-workers is essential. Although many businesses may think they've accomplished this through email, they may be surprised at how much more productive they can be not only with custom database software, but also by following a few tips from Entrepreneur Magazine

According to the magazine, managers should take the time to create a comprehensive task list that can guide them and their team to productivity. By doing so, coworkers and others associated with the project will be able to maintain a clear understanding of what needs to be done and when, as well as determine which tasks are of high or low priority.

Furthermore, this information can be shared using a custom database software, that allows all these individuals to access the list in one place, rather than having to email copies to everyone or even pass out paper copies. This tactic can be especially helpful for those involved in creative industries such as advertising, as many of these projects require many individuals from across company departments.

In addition, Entrepreneur encourages the use of measuring results rather than work load as a metric for employee productivity. By doing so, managers and executives will get a more accurate look at what is working and what requires a little more work. Furthermore, it allows for quality control checks as well. Despite the new standard of heavy and diverse workloads, workers still need to produce quality material, regardless of what they're doing.

By using a custom database software much like FileMaker, managers will be able to effectively communicate necessary tasks and assignments to employees in one place, while also using the same database to check results and productivity.