How custom database software can improve productivity

Posted by Justin Hesser on June 5, 2012

With the economy slowly recover from the recession, many small businesses across the United States are starting to see an increase in demand. In order for these businesses to capitalize on this demand, they must be able to create the supply.

Therefore, productivity is, obviously, a major component to running a small business and supplying that consumer demand. Being able to get orders out on time, adhering to customer service requests and even the simple act of sending emails are imperative to maintaining a successful business.

According to a new survey from SurePayroll, Inc., small businesses showed 64 percent of owners were optimistic about the economy while hiring and paycheck distribution barely changed (in fact, both went down 0.1 percent over the month of May). Showing remarkable productivity, often through the use of technology.

“We’re seeing small businesses circling the runway right now. They’re not sure when and where to land,” said SurePayroll CEO Michael Alter. “Small businesses have made themselves more efficient through technology during this recovery, which is a good thing for them. However, it creates a holding pattern situation for the economy where increased hiring is not yet necessary.”

Custom database software is an incredible resource for small businesses to use as a means to not only measure but increase productivity and performance. As the survey found 50 percent of respondents are experiencing an increased revenue and growth while productivity is out pacing hiring, the use of a custom database software like FileMaker can help the companies that have not experienced this type of success reach these goals. Furthermore, FileMaker Go is an excellent resource for businesses who utilize a mobile strategy to help with productivity outside the workplace.