How keeping track of Google Analytics data can help companies

Posted by Justin Hesser on April 18, 2012

Services like Google Analytics can help a company keep track of many aspects of web analytics, which can provide critical insights into the functionality and performance of a particular website. Inc. Magazine has provided a list of some of the ways Google Analytics can help companies engage in better business practices.

According to Inc., the three top things companies can do to effectively utilize what Google Analytics has to offer is to set up event tracking, track page load time and set the session length to the right amount.

By using "event tracking," business owners can gain clarity as to what a particular viewer does when they're visiting the company's website. Companies can see exactly where potential customers go and look at and will provide insight into what calls for action are useful and which aren't.

Tracking the page load time is very important as a slow loading page is a great way to lose traffic. By keeping steady and consistent track of how long each viewer waits to see a company's webpage can inform if it starts to take too long. If it does, and the website starts to see a drastic drop in traffic, business owners should seek help immediately. Fixing this is a job for an expert.

And thirdly, a session in Google Analytics is – by default – 30 minutes. This means if a particular viewer is active on a company's website for over 30 minutes, their next move will count as a separate view which can drastically distort statistics. By making sure the session is the right length, companies can see accurate statistics of their website.

But, unless companies are entering this information into a custom database that can keep track of averages and trends, this information may just be a set of numbers. Companies may want to see a FileMaker developer to create this custom database software