Business apps rise as new iPad becomes reality

Posted by Justin Hesser on March 16, 2012

Apple released its new iPad on March 16. The highly coveted tablet has already sold out factory inventory weeks ago and analysts predict the machine to sell in the millions. Studies also show that most corporations are now starting to utilize the technology more than ever as a means to increase productivity and efficiency.

With these increased opportunities for corporate technology, business and productivity apps are becoming increasingly popular and important for professionals and executives to keep up with the changing times as markets start to demand better service and faster., an independent marketplace for SaaS and cloud-based business applications, recently released their most popular apps for February of 2012. In the past month business, task and project management apps made up three out of the top five apps with customer support taking the other two spots.

Although customer support is the main liaison between a business and its customers, it,s clear that most companies and professionals are seeking management and efficiency apps to engage in better business practices. Business Insider has also published two articles on the importance of using apps and new technology to help manage business. The publication listed the best travel apps for entrepreneurs as well as five reasons why companies should develop their own apps.

Of the five reasons merchants should create their own apps, Business Insider cited convenience and efficiency for both customers and owners as their top reasons with cases for added revenue streams and cost efficient marketing filling in the top five.

FileMaker Go is annually regarded as one of the best mobile apps for business as their importance is starting to solidify the advent of the new iPad. Consulting a FileMaker developer to build their own app can help businesses that want to expand their presence into these prominent and emerging online markets.