Three investments small business shouldn’t be cheap about

Posted by Justin Hesser on February 9, 2012

Because small business owners typically operate on very tight budgets, they are more likely to settle for a cheaper product or service than large corporations that can afford to invest in better, more pricey ventures. Because of that, they may spend an extraneous amount of time trying to make things on their own or buy a product of lesser quality to make it fit into their financial limitations.

Some of these things, though, may actually turn out to be more costly due to wasted time and a weakened image, according to Susan Payton, president of internet marketing firm Egg Marketing & Communications. In an article for online publication Small Business Trends, Payton explained what investments are worth while for businesses working with a budget.

♦ Business cards – As Payton wrote, the whole reason that anyone hands out a business card is to be remembered and stand out. That said, why would it be in one's interest to have a card that was designed with a free template?

♦ Software – Cheap programs might not have a big price tag at first, but if your business is using spreadsheets to keep track of client information or financial data, you may end up paying for it in the end. On the other hand, database software can be customized to store specific information, and is not only much more secure than a spreadsheet, but it also has a cleaner presentation and can be linked with mobile applications for remote access.

♦ Website – Anyone can build their own website today at a very low cost, but just like the business cards, organizations need their online presence to stand out. There are more pricey website building programs available, but Payton suggested that it might suit you best to do some research and find an experienced web designer.