How to keep up with changing technology the right way

Posted by Justin Hesser on February 6, 2012

More so than ever, advances in technology have been developing at an increasingly rapid pace. That means both good and bad things for businesses. On one hand, there are countless ways to streamline productivity with new software and devices, but on the other, these investments seem to become outdated quicker than they ever have before.

Because of this, it's important that business owners make wise decisions about the technology they introduce to their operations. To make sure your business takes advantage of technology that won't go out of style, here are some tips that tech writer John Brandon laid out in an article on

♦ Don't be cheap when choosing software. Speaking from experience, Brandon explained what a big mistake it was to opt for a free version of one program rather than well-known expensive alternative. This is a mistake often made by organizations that store information such as financial records in spreadsheets rather than using database software. Programs like Excel are prone to mistakes that result from attempting to manage its muddled interface and even flaws in the software. Databases are secure, easy to use and much more customizable than spreadsheets.

♦ Keep track of your customers. Brandon said that recording detailed client contact information is imperative. "The more information you have about sales contacts, complaints and even former customers the better," he wrote.

♦ Take risks. While storing sales slips and client information in a file cabinet may seem sufficient, they can only be accessed in person from one place. Cloud-based servers that can be accessed anywhere on a computer, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch are easy to implement into an office with help from a FileMaker developer.