Popularity of custom mobile apps expected to reach biblical heights

Posted by Justin Hesser on January 4, 2012

Whether their business takes place in a boardroom or a cathedral, organizations looking to reach more people and increase productivity have explored custom application development for a variety of needs. The Wall Street Journal reported in late December 2011 that more than 150 American churches have had custom mobile and tablet applications developed to improve their connection to the congregation.

These religious apps are utilized to share audio and video, to send prayers and, believe it or not, to make confessions. An app developed for Redeemer Church in Utica, New York has been downloaded roughly 3,700 times, even though the average attendance at each weekend's services is about 1,700. The report states that app developers expect thousands of churches to follow the trend, thanks to the popularity of the holy apps in other communities.

Corporations and startups alike are also expected to consult software developing companies for their own custom apps. A Deloitte poll in 2011 showed that 42 percent of American households own a smartphone, so it's no surprise that 28 percent of developers expected their mobile business to grow more than 50 percent in the next three years, as shown in a recent Partnerpedia survey.

The number of applications in the Android Market has doubled in the past eight months, and with that, there are now nearly 1 million mobile apps between it and Apple's App Store. While there are plenty of useless games and utilities cluttering both app stores, the rise in the number of smartphone users brings with it many unique interests and needs. Developing a customized application for your business has more advantages than just following suit in a competitive industry. And you never know, it might even bring you a little bit closer to heaven.