New FileMaker Go extension set to make its mark on custom apps

Posted by Justin Hesser on January 30, 2012

FileMaker and FileMaker Go have become particularly popular thanks to the endless customization possibilities they provide. Businesses can host a server of databases on their main system that can be accessed by employees and update those databases using their iPhones or iPads. With a new extension for FileMaker Go, users can draw on any photo or image.

GoDraw 1.0 was announced today by geist interactive, a California-based software developing company, in a press release. The new add-on allows FileMaker Go app users to write with their finger or a stylus for carrying out tasks that involve quick note taking or picture markups. Considering the many different functions FileMaker Go can be optimized for, GoDraw only makes the already versatile app more valuable for certain operations.

For example, home inspectors that are examining properties equipped with an iPad and FileMaker Go can take pictures of specific problem areas within the house, and then draw on the photos with GoDraw to highlight the area of concern, according to the release. From there, they can save the photos as PDFs and email them to their clients. And, if there's no internet available, the functions of the add-on can still be utilized.

Last November, geist released a FileMaker Go extension that improved the app's capabilities to accept written signatures on mobile devices.

If you believe your business or organization could benefit from custom application development, but you don't currently have a database software solution in place, contact a FileMaker developer and explain your operation's needs. They can show you how others have streamlined their production with the help of custom software, and build a program specific to your establishment's needs.