Book advises managers jump headlong into people management

Posted by Justin Hesser on December 6, 2011

Many managers find themselves in a position of authority because they were able to demonstrate skill or proficiency in many administrative or technical tasks. However, one of their largest responsibilities is one that they may not have been challenged to display – a knack for people management.

The news source Small Business Trends published a review of "Full Engagement: Inspire, Motivate, and Bring Out the Best in Your People," a book written by business consultant Brian Tracy. According to the review, the book suggests managers engage in people management with full vigor and enthusiasm, since it is often the manager's attitude and decorum that steers the culture of the organization.

"The way you treat people, what you say and do that affects them emotionally, is more important in bringing out the best in people than all the education, intelligence or experience you might have at doing your job," Tracy writes in the introduction.

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