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Kyo Logic is a certified Platinum FileMaker Pro developer. We specialize in Custom App Development, FileMaker projects, cloud hosting, server support and integrated mobile solutions for clients across all business sectors.
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Updating FileMaker Applications

Over the years, businesses of all sizes have turned to Kyo Logic for depth of experience in modernizing their systems.

Today’s rapid environment requires businesses to share information quickly across multiple platforms. Businesses require systems that combine a single source of information so that teams are up-to-date and efficient.

Unfortunately, many businesses have older systems that don’t deliver this promise. Do you have an older solution that experiences delays and poor performance? Do you have reports and screens that don’t show the right information and frustrate users? Are you trying to decide whether to build a new system or repair an existing one? Do you have questions about what equipment to use to host your solution?

You don’t have to continue with these frustrations.

The Kyo Logic team brings expert support across all areas of the FileMaker platform. This support includes consulting services to help plan the road ahead as well as corrective services to ensure that your FileMaker system performs quickly and effectively. Using the latest FileMaker innovations we can help your desktop, mobile and web applications perform at their true potential.

Do you need FileMaker support?

Support packages start at as little as five hours and so we are able to help systems small and large. And, as an Apple subsidiary, FileMaker is expressly focused to function as a truly modern Workplace Innovation Platform. A few hours could have a massive impact on your business.

Getting Started is Simple



We learn your needs and pain points to craft a custom plan with you.



We build your application, checking-in at every milestone and making adjustments as needed.



We partner with you to ensure optimal rollout.

Kyo Logic