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Kyo Logic is a certified Platinum FileMaker Pro developer. We specialize in Custom App Development, FileMaker projects, cloud hosting, server support and integrated mobile solutions for clients across all business sectors.
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Professional Website Integration

Create a bold, modern website that will enable you to make the most of your FileMaker database investment.

Leverage the unique advantages of maximizing your use of FileMaker online, including integrated database support for accurate real-time data. FileMaker-powered websites can also be used to enhance cost-effectiveness and consistency, enhance security, and protect valuable data.

FileMaker Website Development

Data Alignment & Integration: Features & Benefits

  • Automation allows consistent details to be inserted from the SQL database to compliment what’s already on the site. This helps avoid discrepancies between different sources of data so customers have accurate and up to date info.
  • E-Commerce and other businesses can benefit from automation as it saves time for such tasks as registration; the database is filled all at once, so there’s no need to write and rewrite as details change
  • Leverage the power and features of FileMaker to help increase site traffic and more actionable visits
  • Data alignment accurately brings together inventory and sales data sources for greater efficiency
  • Using Kyo Logic to integrate your website with your other FileMaker development projects will enhance your overall cost-effectiveness and consistency
  • Optimization paves the way for an optimal user experience, as companies demand reliable and secure websites

FileMaker Website Development

Security & Access: Features & Benefits

  • The structure of a FileMaker-powered site allows users to prioritize some data over others for greater security
  • Protect at-risk content in an external source away from the online database to keep it safe from unwanted access
  • Flexible security protocols give clients more control over which site sections and features have the highest levels of security
  • The web portals available through FileMaker development provide customizable user access control
  • Admin users have a fast and easy way to connect and update the site through WordPress or other CMS

Getting Started is Simple



We learn your needs and pain points to craft a custom plan with you.



We build your application, checking-in at every milestone and making adjustments as needed.



We partner with you to ensure optimal rollout.

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