Case Study: Plowshare Group - Kyo Logic
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Case Study: Plowshare Group

Plowshare Group
Case Study - Plowshare Group
Plowshare Group is the second largest distributor of public service advertising in the United States. They offer PSA Distribution and Media Outreach, as well as Placement Services, and Social and Mobile Media Marketing.

Plowshare Group started with just two clients: the American Red Cross and American Conservancy and was tasked with both creating and distributing public service announcements in multiple mediums. These campaigns were monitored through various services, and that data was largely compiled in paper copies, such as spreadsheets. This process was time consuming, often requiring many hours to compile a comprehensive report, and was very resource-heavy. All in all, it was not a sustainable system for Plowshare Group.

Kyo Logic has always been extremely accommodating, whether that means answering calls after hours or making themselves available whenever something needs to be done. There are issues that need to be looked at as soon as possible, and Kyo Logic understands this, making themselves readily available. In addition to such accessibility, Kyo Logic is always great at adapting to new offerings in technology, making suggestions as to how something could be improved upon or done even better.

Tom Derreaux - SVP of Campaign Management & Media Monitoring, Plowshare Group

Kyo Logic began working with this Stamford, CT based company in 2002. We developed a system to unify the many different data sources used by the Plowshare Group and present that information in a way that was both accurate and efficient. It began fairly straightforward, though the solution eventually evolved alongside client demand, and additional rate cards and other reporting sources were implemented into the backend so the Plowshare Group could better improve return on investment. The solution cross-referenced internal records to make that if staff had privileged data or insight, this could also be added.

The second incarnation of the solution for the Plowshare Group was made to be widget-based, so clients could either add or subtract relevant widgets to make the reports more customized, valuable and efficient. Kyo Logic, who prides itself on being ahead of emerging trends and a deep understanding of client needs, originally came to Plowshare Group and suggested making this change. The Plowshare Group’s clients wanted to be able to log in and review weekly updates, which they are able to accomplish through a unique ID to see what is happening in relevant markets and zip codes associated with their campaign.

The solution definitely enhanced our client relationships – they’ve become used to the data that they see, they trust the data. And even if they don’t have a new campaign, they can log in to see past performance and where new opportunities might be.

Tom Derreaux - Plowshare Group

Derreaux also noted that competitors’ solutions lack the extensive insight Plowshare’s clients are accustomed to. Clients with the Plowshare Group are able to better track their return on investment, which in turn allows them to best allocate their budgets for new and existing campaigns.

There is no downtime at the Plowshare Group, as they are consistently working on anywhere from 50 to 70 public service campaigns at a time. With all of the necessary information arriving daily, the Plowshare Group has never missed a week in presenting necessary data, thanks in large part to the solutions created by Kyo Logic.