Case Study: The Caboose - Kyo Logic
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Case Study: The Caboose

The Caboose LLC
Case Study - Caboose
The Caboose LLC is an international mail order and internet retailer that specializes in the creation and distribution of brass model trains. The company has been in business for nearly three decades, always taking reservations for future models.

The Caboose sells new and previously owned brand models, whether they are in a collection or is an individual piece. There is also an eBay service available for customers, as well as a consignment aspect to the business. The company was founded nearly 30 years ago by a full-time school teacher, who bought a model train for his infant son.

After retiring from his teaching position, the business, which was originally started in a basement, expanded. While the founder was not overly passionate about the trains themselves, he was interested in the social and entrepreneurial aspect of the company. It has since become a top brass model dealer across the entire United States, despite only having four part-time employees and one person who works there full-time.

Kyo Logic was not, in fact, the original developer of The Caboose’s system. But we knew we needed experienced professionals to help us get to the next level. We've worked together since partnering with them back in 2010 to help us help us with simple add-ons to the website. Eventually we became a web and FileMaker hosting client, and now when we need FileMaker technical expertise, Kyo Logic is the company we call.

Kristin Santoro - Owner, The Caboose LLC

Kyo Logic helps to manage The Caboose’s FileMaker system that keeps inventory organized as well as managing sales via the website.

Because The Caboose is such a unique and specific kind of business, there were never really any solutions that could fit their model. About 20 years ago, the company began designing their own database in FileMaker. Before the original system was put in place, an index card catalog and manually-typed inventory list went to printers and turned into catalogs. These would then be sent out to customers and clients.

The Kyo Logic team sat down with the workers of The Caboose, really getting to know the ins and outs of the business and industry. We then built upon what the original system and were able to further fine-tune and customize the system to their current needs. This has become essential to Kristin Santoro, the daughter of the founder and who currently runs the company, having worked there for more than 20 years. As she is not a collector herself, she can now quickly look up all the information on a certain product to talk to customers.

Kyo Logic has made it possible for The Caboose to improve its already strong relationship with our customers. We consistently get compliments on our website, the ease of the ordering process and the wish list system. Because Kyo Logic knows FileMaker inside and out, they were able to create a phenomenal database and website.

Kristin Santoro - Owner, The Caboose LLC

Kyo Logic designed the entire functionality of The Caboose’s current website, adding the ability to add photographs and buy products directly from it. Because this is a unique company, there is not an automated order process in place, and Kyo Logic has made it so the website’s shopping carts prompt customers to test the product before they actually purchase it. Today’s customer wants to see what they are buying before spending the money, and Kyo Logic made it a breeze for the photographers to upload pictures of what is being sold.