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Kyo Logic is a certified Platinum FileMaker Pro developer. We specialize in Custom App Development, FileMaker projects, cloud hosting, server support and integrated mobile solutions for clients across all business sectors.
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Data storage is a critical component of any modern business. Virtually every piece of information from customer invoices...

After building a custom platform, it needs to be hosted somewhere. That is, all that information needs a...

Claris FileMaker Pro and Zoho are both popular database solutions. If you’re shopping around for a database that...

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was a bill signed by Congress in 1996 that required...

This past month saw the release of Filemaker Pro 19.1.2. This update is notable not only for the...

What is Scannability? Scannability is an attribute of any written piece, including FileMaker scripts, that help the reader find...

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