Aviation auditor uses FileMaker to develop safety management app
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Aviation auditor uses FileMaker to develop safety management app

Aviation auditor uses FileMaker to develop safety management app

In the corporate aviation industry, operators use safety management systems (SMS) to ensure their compliance with national and international standards. However, the frequent updates made to those standards make the job of cross-referencing an SMS a time-consuming and complicated one. Now, thanks to a former corporate pilot and current auditor who used FileMaker to simplify the process, there's an app for that.

iIS-BAO is designed to the requirements of the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO), which is maintained by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC). It also conforms to the U.S.-based National Business Aviation Association and runs on FileMaker for both Mac and Windows as well as on FileMaker Go for iPad. Operators, SMS services providers and auditors can all use it to check compliance.

"Now IBAC is requiring cross-referencing in all its audits," said Phil Fountain, the app's creator, to Aviation International News. "I've included a place for operators to cross-reference each of their requirements to the manual. They can export it to an Excel file and email it to the auditor. The auditor can [input] all his questions and comments… and when he gets into the audit he can have all his questions prepared."

The new app makes it much easier for all parties to conform to business aviation safety standards.

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Justin Hesser

Kyo Logic