Survey says Americans maintain rich mobile life
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Survey says Americans maintain rich mobile life

Survey says Americans maintain rich mobile life

A recent survey by online publication Light Reading took responses from 550 telecom professionals that included 120 service providers and found that the "average person has a rich mobile life made up of mobile device ownership and daily use of technologies like mobile video, mobile apps and Wi-Fi," as reported by Sarah Reedy, senior reporter and the study's author.

According to the survey, 34 percent of respondents say they use more than 1 gigabyte (GB) of mobile data per month while 12 percent used over 3GB. As far as social network status updates, 63 percent stated they update theirs at least once a day while 41 percent use up to six different apps on a regular basis.

Furthermore, with the advent of the new iPad, 15 percent of those surveyed plan on buying an LTE-capable tablet this year.

The results of Light Reading's survey are very indicative of the importance of maintaining a mobile and online presence into today's marketplace. With more Americans spending more time online than before, small businesses need to take increased measures in securing a prominent place in the minds of the mobile inclined.

For example, PayPal's new mobile payment system – PayPal Here – was recently released to compete with rival, Square – a mobile payment startup founded by Twitter, Inc. The two services allow small businesses to accept credit card payments while conducting business off-site at festivals or the now popular, pop-up flea market.

Although using apps like PayPal Here and Square while maintaining a social media presence is important for small businesses, it shouldn't take away from their overall managerial practices. By using a database software or investing in custom application development, business owners may see a drastic increase in their overall efficiency and performance to support their excellent online presence.  

Justin Hesser

Kyo Logic